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Taking the step in using essential oils can be quite scary, knowing what oils to use for what and how much to use.
When you join our team, you are getting all the support you could possibly want.

We are here for you!

To sign up you need a referral number.
If you don’t have a referral number,
Young Living will automatically assign you one,
so it is better to sign up with someone you know
or with a team that you know will support you.

The links on our team leaders page will sign you up
with whoever you choose!

we are here for you
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When you sign up with us you are joining a team
that has some wonderful resources for you!

We have facebook groups where you can ask questions,
learn about Young Living's amazing products,
hear about their latest offers and try recipies
from our international Young Living family!

You can join in with online classes,
get your hands on
some lovely booklets
and enter some great giveaways!

If you would like to try essential oils
or Thieves Household Cleaner ,
please get in touch,
we would love to send you some samples!


Here are some step by step guides to signing up!

with the starter kit

and remember, you don't need to buy a
starter kit to become a wholesale member!without the starter kit

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