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signing up with no starter kit

To take advantage of 24% off the retail price, here in Europe, we now don't have to buy a Premium Starter Kit!
Although we really recommend getting the kit as it is £300 worth of products for less than half the price,
you now don't have to!

You can sign up as a wholesale member and as long as you spend about £50 a year your account stays active.
This means you can start collecting the oils at your own pace and enjoy all of Young Living's other great products at a great price!

Signing up is very simple, follow these steps and join our team and begin your oily journey!

1. Go to our team leaders page and select who you would like to sign up under.

2 The link will take you to Young Living's sign up page.

screen shot of sign up membership page

3. Make sure that you are signing up as a 'Member'

4. Select the country, if you don't want the UK or if for some reason it didn't automatically select it.

5. The sponsor number of who you selected will show up in the boxes on the right.

6. When you click continue, a pop up box will appear confirming the sponsor/enroller you have selected.

website snap shot of sponsor noticfication

7. Continue takes you to the next page where you need to create your account.
screen shot of sign up info

8. Fill in your name, address, email and a phone number. Receiving emails from Young Living is optional, but you could miss out on great offers. Young Living have a monthly promotion on their products, so its worth getting!

9. Co-applicant means if you wanted to sign up as a couple and add your spouse, or if you were signing up as a business and you had a business partner.

screen shot of sign up info

10. You need to create a username, which you will use to sign in.

11. Your password need to include a combination of upper and lowercase letters as well as numbers and must be at least 8 charactors long.

12. You also need a 4 number pin, this is for should you ever need to phone up Young Living. (If you do have any problems though and you don't want to phone up, just let your sponsor/enroller know and they will call for you.)


13. The commissions processing information is for if you were to ever do the 'business' side of Young Living. There is absolutely NO requirement or pressure to do this. Only 6% of people signed up as a wholesale customer with Young Living choose to do the business. As it is the same sort of account as those that do, this part of the sign up process is the same! Here you need to select that you are an 'Individual'. This means you are signing up as an individual person, not a business like a shop. (if you are a shop, therapist etc and wanting to sign up under your business name, select business)

14. The terms and conditions are all about business side of Young Living. You can also read them once you have signed up from your account.

15. Agree and continue takes you to the next page.

screen shot of starter kits

16. This is where you would select your starter kit if you wanted one. Just ignore this part.

17. Further down in also the option of Essential Rewards. This is a optional, but if you did want to sign up at this point you can take advantage of some great bargains by getting an Essential Rewards pack!

screen shot of essential rewards packs

18. If you are not wanting to sign up to essential rewards, just ignore this part.

19. Zoom right to the bottom where it says ' Continue without starter kit' Select that!

screen shot of continue button
20. This will create your account! Congratulations and Welcome to our team!
screen shot of account created

If you have any questions or need any help, please just ask!

You can easily place an order from here - just select 'Quick Order' on the left hand side menu, search for the item you want or browse through the categories. Click 'add product' and your shopping basket is at the bottom of the page where you can alter it and change quantities etc.

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